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Our Residential Treatment Facility is Located in Costa Mesa, CA.

The Duck House drug and alcohol addiction and mental health treatment center is located in Costa Mesa, California, offering a warm weather location and a laid back setting, which provides a safe place for recovery to those struggling with addiction.

It is an industry-leading drug rehab center for any person or entity in Orange County. Our full continuum of recovery program options has been carefully designed to be flexible and meet every expectation and unique needs and preferences that patients often express.

These substance abuse treatment programs include:

Residential and inpatient program capabilities.

Partial-Hospitalization-Programs (PHP), Intensive-Outpatient-Programs (IOP).

Extended care through sober living and other aftercare options.

Individual and group therapy sessions that families can also participate in even for educational purposes only.

We offer full-service medical detox program options for:

  • Alcohol
  • Opiate
  • Meth
  • Xanax
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Costa Mesa California

Benefits Treatment In Costa Mesa Has To Offer

Qualified Care. The addiction specialists and other medical staff at the Duck House Recovery Center in Costa Mesa have been professionally trained to help those struggling from drug abuse. Our specialty is to get patients to learn and develop new skills, coping techniques, and other ways of staying active to help reduce the threat of relapse.

Continued Support. Helping someone rebuild their lives and positively re-establish themselves again into society takes time and is not an easy task. The Duck House is prepared and qualified to provide all the tools that are needed to achieve this milestone. Physical fitness and nutritional health coaching are just a few of the ways we show our commitment to each patient’s overall health and well-being.

Naturally Serene Setting. The beautiful city of Costa Mesa plays a crucial role in our patients’ motivation and drive to complete their recovery programs successfully. The wide variety of events and activities that are within minutes of our treatment facility are beneficial for our patients to participate in and enjoy. Healthy outdoor activities and exercise is also encouraged with the abundance of hiking and biking trails and beautiful parks in the area.

Comfortable Environment. The comfortable and laid-back lifestyle enjoyed by so many people in Costa Mesa is a safe and secure place to take on the often difficult task of achieving long-term sobriety. We also address and provide appropriate assistance needed to transition back into society and the real world.

Costa Mesa Rehab Center

Customized Rehab Solutions

    Our qualified professionals are dedicated to providing each patient with the highest intentions of care and respect. Each client who chooses to participate in one of our treatment programs at Duck House Recovery will receive an individualized treatment plan based on the professional assessment done on Day One. This evaluation includes a review of the patient’s past medical history and a close look at any possible recurring mental health disorders that could affect the course of treatment.

    Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Costa Mesa, California

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab Stages

    Detox Programs

    The initial withdrawal symptoms that appear when substances are suddenly not being abused anymore typically begin within the first two to twelve hours. In efforts to reduce these symptoms of withdrawal, our medically supervised detox programs ensure a secure and safe environment where patients can feel comfortable even during times where they may feel vulnerable. Depending on the severity of the substance dependency that has been developed, these programs typically last for about seven to ten days. 

      Inpatient Rehab Programs

      Inpatient or residential rehab is usually the next step in the recovery process following  successful completion of a detox program. Our luxurious Costa Mesa inpatient rehab program at Duck House offers both private and semi-private rooms and guarantees a comfortable living arrangement. 

      Our patients will also enjoy fresh, nutritious meals, specially prepared to be in line with the individualized treatment plans. These programs usually last for an average of thirty to ninety days. They are known by many industry professionals to be the most effective form of treatment that a rehab patient can receive.  

      Therapy & Counseling Options

      Therapy options that are offered as a part of rehab programs can be in an individual or group setting and frequently tend to focus more on the long-term behavioral and coping strategies. Helping adjust attitude issues, improving life skills, and many other incentives can be obtained when the commitment to therapy is made with genuine honesty and real intent by the patient. The more common types of therapy that are offered during drug and alcohol rehab programs include:

      • Dialectical behavior therapy
      • Motivational interviewing
      • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

      Aftercare Programs

      Many individuals who have completed the recovery process and are enjoying their new sober lifestyle have shared that the toughest times to maintain their sobriety occur earlier than later. This gradually becomes easier over time as new routines, relationships, and habits are formed and implemented. Aftercare steps play a significant role in the long-term upkeep that is required with sobriety.

      How To Find The Right Treatment

      Certified substance abuse treatment is found in many different health care settings. The type of scenario and environment that is best for you depends on a couple of various factors. Two of the first steps that should be considered include the type of treatment that may be required at that time and what options are available while in the locations that best fit your situation. 

      There are some drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that only provide detox or inpatient treatment. On the other hand, many comprehensive treatment centers are capable of offering each type of treatment. All options should be carefully considered by anyone considering addiction treatment because being able to endure through the entire treatment process can save lives.  

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