Our Team

Drug and Alcohol Detox Facility in Costa Mesa

Ashley Montes

Chief Operating Officer, LVN

I work in this field because my whole life I’ve had every obstacle come my way and I’ve triumphed. Now I have the opportunity to give back to a stigmatized and marginalized community that desperately needs love and support. I get to be someone who impacts their lives and use my skills to help them thrive in life.

Seanmichael Farrell

Program Director, C.A.T.C.1

I believe that every human being needs love and compassion in order to heal and grow. After a lifetime of addiction and hurting people, I got sick and tired of failure and suffering. I found that helping others helped me, that practicing love and compassion for others brought an abundance of both into my life. At the Duck House I use my experience as an addict and as an addiction counselor to ensure the quality of care needed to assist individuals self actualize the skills which will assist them in their recovery.

Laura Pickering

Admissions Coordinator, RADT 1

I like working in this field because I enjoy building connections with the clients and seeing them realize that their life is worthy of rebuilding.

Brittany Poe

Compliance Director, B.A. in Communications/PR

As a child, I was exposed to a lot of homelessness and through my church and family, we volunteered in feeding the homeless on skid row all throughout each and every year. As I got older, I volunteered at numerous nonprofits in the LA and OC area. Helping people has been a passion of mine that was not only instilled in me at a young age, but became something I wanted my career to be into adulthood. I was so lucky to have found The Duck House when I did. While I get to help turn people’s lives around, in turn, they have changed mine.

Peter Olivas

B.A. psychology, Case manager, RADT 1

My name is Peter Olivas and I am the lead case manager at The Duck House LLC. I have been working in the addiction recovery field for over seven years. I graduated from Santa Ana College with associate of arts degree in psychology with high honors 2014. After graduating, I attended California State University, Fullerton and graduated cum laude in the fall of 2017 with bachelor’s degree in psychology with minor in human services with an emphasis in substance abuse. The reason I got into this field is that I have witnessed numerous family tragedies over the years because of the disease of addiction. I am openly passioned about helping others who struggle with substance use although I am also a recovery addict with 11 years clean and sober. I have held numerous positions over the years, but I am profoundly thankful to be working in a field that I have such a deep connection in assisting other individuals who suffer from the disease of addiction.

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