drug detox
is not a cure

Although drug detox is an important step toward addressing and individual’s drug addiciton, it is only the first step in a longer continuum of care. Drug detox alone is rarely successful over the long term.

What drug
detox is

Drug detox is medical intervention that manages an individual safely through the process of acute withdrawal by clearing toxins from teh body and minimizing the physical harm caused by the withdrawal process.

what drug
detox isn’t

Drug detox is not designed to resolve the long-standing psychological, social, and behavioarl problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse. Appropriate drug treatment after detox greately increases long-terms success.

detox is just the beginning

patients with substance use disorders or acute intoxication obtain inpatient detoxification in general hospitals each year.

But …

only 1 in 5 of them recieve substance abuse treatment during that hospitalization.

deciding who goes where

six assessment dimensions

Drug detox can take place in a variety of settings; the following dimensions help providers determine which one is best for any individual.

1. Level of intoxication and withdrawal potential
2. Medical conditions and complications
3. Emotional, behavioral, or cognitive conditions
4. Readiness to change
5. Continued use potential
6. Recovery / living environment

levels of detox treatment

level I – D : Physician’s office, home health care agency
level II – D : day hospital service
level III . 2 – D : non-medical, residential setting
level III . 7 – D : medically – monitored, residential setting
level IV – D : medically – managed setting such as a psychiatric hospital