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Benzodiazepines are considered to be one of the most addictive substances that are being prescribed throughout the country every today is Xanax. The addictive drug is regarded as a popular originator of the addiction developments that are found in people of all ages in the United States. Alprazolam is the generic name by which Xanax is sometimes known and referred to as. Also, the drug is a fast-acting sedative that is typically only obtained through a prescription from a doctor or other medical professional. Xanax is generally seen to be prescribed to treat anxiety and panic disorders. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has published material stating that prescription drugs like Xanax are the near the most abused drugs on the market. Marijuana and alcohol are the only abused substances that are seen more often among individuals ranging from 14 years and older.

Costa Mesa Xanax Detox

Xanax Dependence

There have been many clinical trials conducted in hopes of preventing life-threatening drug addiction caused issues. Each year there are nearly 150,000 emergency hospitalizations reported because of Xanax abuse in the United States. The development of Xanax dependency is the same in many ways as other drug abuse caused addictions to, for example, opiates like oxycodone. Signals within the brain are affected and altered these cases because of sudden surges of dopamine are released. Dopamine, of course, being the naturally produced chemical in the brain that is solely focused on pleasure, happiness, and relaxation. The people who abuse Xanax for any duration of time are typically seen to repeatedly use the drug because of the desire to feel those pleasurable feelings over and over again. It is crucial to understand that it is not uncommon for individuals to, unfortunately, develop a long-term Xanax addiction even when the drug was being correctly used after being prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional.  


Duck House Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Costa Mesa, California, offering medically-supervised detox programs, along with many therapeutic options along with other treatment programs. Duck House Recovery has been established as a safe and comfortable location where those life-changing transitions because of recovery can occur for people that are coming from all walks of life. Learn more today about our industry rated therapeutic healing approach and that momentum towards letting a new addiction-free life begin, beginning with the creation of a treatment plan that is specialized and individually tailored for each one of our clients by one of our certified addiction specialists.

Costa Mesa Xanax Detox

Medically-Supervised Xanax Detox

Receiving detox treatment and ridding the body of the addicted substance is the first step that should be taken during the recovery process. Our Detox Program in Costa Mesa is specialized and offers forms of treatment that are medically-supervised. The availability of our medical professionals around the clock provides each patient with all the necessary assistance. This level of care is beneficial when attempting to overcome the dreadful symptoms of Xanax withdrawal that can cause an enormous amount of discomfort and is also one of the leading causes of relapse. This complicated process is something that no one will want to go through and experience alone. Luckily with the level of care that we offer at Duck House Recovery, the 24-hour assistance makes it so that never happens.

When an individual decides to receive help their Xanax or other drug addiction, the initial phase is to remove the substance entirely from their body’s system as safely as possible. It is seen in most, if not all, cases that this process involves several very uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous symptoms that are a result of the detox treatment process. Because of the countless complex medical complications that can occur after suddenly stopping the use of Xanax, other drugs, or alcohol, constant professional monitoring is vital so recovery. With all these possibilities, it is of the utmost importance that this process is monitored and under the careful supervision of addiction specialists or other medical experts.

Costa Mesa Xanax Detox

How Long Does Xanax Detox Last?

There is no unanimous answer to the length of time that an effective detox program will last. This, of course, will depend on several different factors and will vary from individual to individual. Some of these depending factors are most commonly seen to include:

  • The amount or dosage of Xanax that the individual has been taking regularly 
  • How often and for how long the patient has been using Xanax
  • The state of mind of the individual
  • The severity of any psychological symptoms that may have been experienced
  • It would be Xanax in this case, but the last factor is what specific drug it is that had caused the addiction in the first place.

At Duck House Recovery, we know the importance of detox when recovering from a Xanax addiction. We also acknowledge that it is challenging for an individual to be willing to go through with detox treatment, so we are continually striving to provide each of our patients with a setting that is as mentally safe and comfortable as possible. Our Xanax detox facility in Costa Mesa is capable of taking on and treating anything that may arise during medical detox, no matter how serious. The qualified clinical staff we employ have years of addiction treatment experience with helping people deal with the sometimes scary uncertainty that is often accompanied with the withdrawal process. Along with all this experience, the expertise we can offer will include knowing how different drugs can interact and can coach each of our patients what they can expect during the process of receiving detox treatment.

Our Costa Mesa addiction treatment center provides care that is individualized to each of our client’s needs. This includes the education, stabilization, aftercare therapy, and continual supervision that is necessary to help someone during those initial stages of their recovery from Xanax addiction that can quickly become problematic.

Costa Mesa Xanax Detox

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The Duck House is a residential detox facility in Costa Mesa, and we provide alcohol and other drug detoxification treatment in our safe, comfortable, and caring environment that we have created. Our facility offers round-the-clock care specifically designed to treat each of our patients, depending on each of their conditions.

We accept all major insurance providers and would love to address any questions or concerns you may have about yourself or a loved one. Call now and speak to an admissions specialist who can provide all the information that would be needed, while remaining completely 100% confidential.

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