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Individuals who have developed and are suffering from an addiction to Meth, also known as Methamphetamine or speed, are battling a hazardous condition that requires professional treatment. The good news is that recovery is possible for someone who chooses to undergo a medical detox program at a qualified addiction treatment facility.

Meth detox programs are necessary for individuals who decide to stop using Meth because the withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced ought to be under medical supervision. An addiction to a potent substance like Meth is challenging to overcome because the brain becomes so accustomed to the drug being present that the habit will only subside if the brain has the time that is needed to go back to operating without it.

The detox program is the initial step of recovery treatment because when done correctly, the program safely deprives the body of the sources that are causing the addiction. The risks of this procedure are massively decreased when the plans are being conducted at a specialized addiction treatment facility. Duck House Recovery in Costa Mesa offers inpatient meth detox programs that are under the care of our qualified addiction specialists and other staff of medical professionals.

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the reasons for an individual to develop an addiction to Meth could partially be because first, they establish a tolerance to the various effects that Meth produces. After the initial exposure, the user’s body becomes accustomed to Meth being present in the nervous system. This tolerance can quickly lead to dependence on the drug, which is typically known to be the forerunner of addiction. A quick and easily assessed warning sign that can be seen is when the user expresses the “need” for Methamphetamine to feel healthy or happy while not being able to concentrate on much of anything else.

Meth addiction is problematic for those who suffer from it and is also a significant burden, which, unfortunately, does not fade away quickly. For those individuals who are abusing Meth, having a dependence or addiction causes them to experience mild to severe withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop using the drug suddenly. Many of these symptoms often result from the body’s nervous system experiencing feelings of “shock” because of the sudden absence of Meth in the body.

Since most of the withdrawal symptoms are typically very unpleasant and even painful, some people have been seen to continue the abuse of Meth in an attempt to avoid withdrawal and the accompanying discomforts. They those users would often find themselves in the vicious cycle of withdrawal and abuse. Withdrawal symptoms caused by the misuse of Methamphetamine are most commonly to be seen to include: 

  • Severe fatigue
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Suicidal depression
  • Excessive sweating
  • Red and itchy eyes
  • Dehydration
  • Loss of motivations
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Increased appetite
  • Heightened agitation and irritability

What To Expect During Meth Withdrawals


First 48 Hours

This initial phase is widely known as the “crash.” This crash will occur within the first day of the individual eliminating the use of the drug. Also, during the early 24-48 hours, former methamphetamine users will start to experience a sharp decrease in energy and primary function, as well as feelings of nausea, abdominal cramping, and excessive sweating.

3-10 Days

Meth addiction caused withdrawal symptoms are typically seen to reach their peak during this time. As the patient tries to adjust with their body attempting to cope without the Meth, those in recovery will begin to experience severe depression, along with feelings of anxiety and extreme symptoms of fatigue. There are also certain people who, besides, may experience shaking and lingering muscle aches and intense meth cravings.

14-20 Days

Meth withdrawals are typically seen to last anywhere from two to three weeks. When nearing the end of the second week, most of the physical symptoms that have been experienced will begin to subside. Even though overall health may appear to be improving with the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms starting to decrease, it is crucial to understand that extreme cravings of the drug are possible to be persisting. Additionally, body fatigue and depression feelings are common to be continuing during this period.

1 Month +

The worst and most severe meth withdrawal symptoms that a recovering addict has experienced up to this point are typically finished at this point. Any of the remaining symptoms may continue to fade entirely over time. However, if psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety had occurred, they and similar symptoms may continue for up to several months before finally beginning to subside.

Finding Treatment For Meth Addiction

Duck House Recovery in Costa Mesa, California, is a certified drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility that takes the process of recovering from harmful substances vital. We strive to continually ensure that our detox programs are the safest and the most effective ways for suffering addicts to treat their drug addiction. After the detox process is complete, the next treatment phase includes checking in to a residential care program where doctors, addiction specialists, and other medical professionals will address and treat the underlying psychological causes of addiction.

If you, a loved one, or someone else you know is struggling with a meth addiction, taking that first step towards sobriety can be a difficult decision to make. Contact the Duck House Recovery Center today and speak with a dedicated treatment professional today. We will answer your questions and as well as provide any other information.

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The Duck House is a residential detox facility in Costa Mesa, and we provide alcohol and other drug detoxification treatment in our safe, comfortable, and caring environment that we have created. Our facility offers round-the-clock care specifically designed to treat each of our patients, depending on each of their conditions.

We accept all major insurance providers and would love to address any questions or concerns you may have about yourself or a loved one. Call now and speak to an admissions specialist who can provide all the information that would be needed, while remaining completely 100% confidential.

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