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Cocaine is a powerful stimulant and is used by people from all walks of life across the globe. The strength of cocaine is severe, which causes people of all ages to become addicted very quickly because of the many impacts the drug has on the brain cells.

Cocaine works primarily by increasing the levels of dopamine, which is a chemical that is used to pass messages between the neurons in the brain. Dopamine typically helps the body to recognize and signal the rest of the body when behavior is worth being happy over. Cocaine that is used in the long-term has been seen to more than likely lead to dependence, which means that the individual regularly using the drug may develop a state where their body will need the drug to function correctly. When someone develops a dependency on cocaine, it is almost guaranteed that mild to severe withdrawal symptoms will be experienced if cocaine use is suddenly eliminated from the user’s life.

The abuse of cocaine is considered a global issue. It is an issue that does not show any signs of disappearing or getting resolved any time soon. There is recent research published from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) that revealed that the production of cocaine has reached “absolute record highs” in 2017. Comparatively, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has reported that cocaine use is pretty extensive in the United States, with millions of those individuals using the drug regularly.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

It may not be commonly known that the symptoms caused by cocaine withdrawal may not be as physically intense as may other withdrawal symptoms that result from other drugs. Although this could be possible depending on the individual, there is no dispute that cocaine withdrawal symptoms do indeed come with their own set of challenges.

When an individual begins the withdrawal process from certain substances like alcohol or benzodiazepines, they can start to experience one of many severe physical withdrawal symptoms. With cocaine detox, though, the user will mostly experience only psychological withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms resulting from cocaine withdrawal may include:

  • Slowed thinking
  • Slowed activity or physical fatigue after activity
  • Exhaustion
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Restlessness
  • Sexual arousal inabilities
  • Decreased ability to feel pleasure
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Suicidal actions or feelings
  • Vivid, unpleasant dreams or nightmares
  • Muscle aches and nerve pain among other physical feelings 
  • Intense cocaine cravings
  • Increased appetite

It is wise to consider that the severity of these symptoms can vary, but they typically are seen to linger for one to three weeks following the last dose of cocaine that was used.

Medically Supervised Cocaine Detox

While cocaine detox can very well be attempted and the chance of completed through an outpatient addiction treatment program, medical detox is recommended in most instances. If a person has relapsed during past withdrawal attempts, for example, the round-the-clock supervision by medical professionals during the detox process can prove to be genuinely invaluable.  If the person suffers from any co-occurring mental health disorders or complications, medically-assisted detox followed by comprehensive inpatient addiction treatment can effectively address both the withdrawal management and mental health treatment needs of the patient.

MedlinePlus has done studies showing that one of the more severe and problematic withdrawal effects associated with acute stimulant withdrawal is an increased risk of suicide. For those brave people who attempt to overcome their cocaine use after they had developed an addiction can cause severe depression and mood swings along with those thoughts of suicide. With consistent cocaine use over an extended period, the brain begins to adapt to the elevated dopamine activity that is associated with using the drug. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated that the reward circuits in the brain are typically disrupted during the time of the drug abuse. This causes the mind to become less sensitive to the presence of dopamine. It is at points like this that a person will more often need increasingly large amounts of cocaine to feel good; without it, they may feel profoundly depressed and dissatisfied with life.

A medically-supervised detox program will also lower the possibility of relapse because the individual who is suffering from cocaine addiction will not have the option using again. A leading cause of relapse is when the patient chooses the drugs again to cope with the difficulty and discomfort that is being experienced. Trying to detox at home without being under medical supervision can be very dangerous and even life-threatening in some cases. Withdrawal symptoms do not just affect the individual’s body, but very well could expect the functioning of the brain to be included. If that person is stuck with only their own devices, withdrawing from drugs can cause incredibly anxious feelings. Suffer from delusions is also a possibility of making them a threat to themselves or others. Duck House Recovery in Costa Mesa takes pride in the professional care that we offer to each of our patients and use our years of experience to strive to improve our practices continuously. 

Cocaine Detox in Costa Mesa

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If you, your loved one, or someone you know are struggling with cocaine addiction, then please take the first step of involving us so we together can potentially save a life and end the awful presence of suffering. We provide a free 100% confidential insurance verification process, which could cover the entire cost of your stay. Our addiction specialists are always standing by to answer questions and to provide information. It is never too late to reach out, either by phone, sending a message, or filling out a free insurance verification and consultation form. Contact Us Today.

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Ashley Hoadley
Ashley Hoadley
03:15 28 Feb 20
Big thank you to the Duck House and staff for all your hard work, support and encouragement you have given to a very... special person in my life (my amazing boyfriend). This place has changed and saved his life. I appreciate all you have done for him and for all the other patients. Keep up the great more
02:31 28 Feb 20
This place gave me something I never could have imagined in a million years. They are like the family I never had I... love them all so much . They are the best at what they do .They are truly life changers. The friendliest and most understanding group of ppl I've met along my more
Whitman Morris
Whitman Morris
23:53 16 Jan 20
I honestly don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t gone to The Duck House. I’ve been to a few treatment centers,... but this one was different. You can tell they put their hearts into the work they do at The Duck House. I was an IV heroin user for 10 years. I never EVER thought I’d make it out of that darkness, but with the help of my clinical team, medical team, and support staff by the time I was ready for the next phase of treatment I was actually able to start believing that real, long term sobriety was possible. My case manager was so diligent and so energetic and patient with me. They always had awesome outings and neat activities in house during residential. And lastly, they really took the time to help me coordinate an aftercare plan that met all my needs. I just love The Duck House and all they’ve done for me. I’m forever thankful. LIFE more
Ricky Burnell
Ricky Burnell
18:17 06 Jan 20
This place is one of a kind and will change your life. I’ve watched this program work for many people but you got to... remember it only works if you work it. Duck house gives you the tools to stay sober. it’s on you to use them in your daily life. The staff here genuinely cares about the clients and a safe environment for you to get your head on your shoulders. I recommend this program if you want live a amazing more
Philip Salucci
Philip Salucci
15:28 27 Dec 19
Fantastic program. Great people, great staff. I was hopeless and strung out and they nursed me back to health. I would... recommend it to anybody I more
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