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The Addiction Treatment specialists at our drug and alcohol detox facility in Costa Mesa are trained to help patients manage their pain with therapies and medications. This allows all of our patients to set all their focus towards recovery and getting healthy.

If you are ready to get your life back on track and quit drinking, let Duck House Recovery in Costa Mesa provide the continual supervision, and other necessary resources all geared to help with the often tricky beginning stages of recovery from alcohol addiction. 

Why is an Alcohol Detox Neccessary?

The process of alcohol detox is typically the very first step when treating an individual for alcoholism. The primary purpose of alcohol detox programs is to flush out the alcohol from the person’s system thoroughly. The sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms usually start to fade within approximately one to two weeks after the start of a detox program.

Of course, a complete alcohol detox could easily take longer, depending on the severity of the alcohol addiction that had been developed. From there, the patient will be able to focus on the many other aspects of the recovery process, such as different activities, therapies, counseling sessions, and other support options.

Some people experience an amount of nervousness when attempting to quit drinking because they are dreading those brutal withdrawal symptoms that are often experienced during the alcohol detox process. Some people may see only to be affected by minor effects of alcohol addiction, while others may face extreme amounts of discomfort and sometimes pain.

Withdrawal symptoms can change very suddenly and aggressively, which is why it is highly recommended by addiction specialists to detox from alcohol under the care of medical professionals who will closely monitor the whole process.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms have been known to cause a wide variety of different bodily and psychological symptoms. Although not all of these symptoms are considered life-threatening, there is certainly a good amount that should be seen as very concerning.

Some of these withdrawal symptoms that are regularly observed during the alcohol detox process may include:

  • Kidney dysfunction
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Heart Arrhythmia 
  • Seizures
  • Shaky hands
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Restlessness
  • Confusion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sweating
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Heightened irritability/agitation
  • Increased blood pressure

Many of these withdrawal symptoms are seen to be less severe, but all of them need to be taken very seriously because some of the others can indeed be life-threatening. For example, seizures can cause death because they can cause you to choke or to fall and hit your head. Seizures can also cause slight but permanent brain damage.

In the more severe cases where an individual who is suffering from more severe alcohol addiction, having been drinking every day for months or years, a symptom that is referred to as delirium tremens can suddenly present itself.

What Are Delirium Tremens?

The symptom known as delirium tremens (DT’s) is extremely dangerous and targets the individual struggling with addiction in both psychological and physical forms. Delirium tremens can include convulsive seizures, fear, extreme anxiety, mental confusion, and an unfortunate overall shift in mental functions. It is even possible that an individual suffering from alcoholism may also experience mild to severe hallucinations while experiencing delirium tremens.

If left untreated, studies have shown that a 37% risk of death occurs when you quit drinking alcohol after continual heavy drinking. Some studies have shown that even when treated, the same risk is still nearly 13%. An article in 2015 from the New England Journal of Medicine states that almost 50 percent of people suffering from alcohol addiction experience severe withdrawal symptoms, and only about an average of 5 percent of people in treatment develop life-threatening symptoms such as delirium tremens.

In the United States today, nearly 14 million adults either abuse alcohol or qualify to receive an alcoholic diagnosis. Heavy drinkers who have become dependent on alcohol to function daily must take precautions when trying to quit. Medically supervised detox is highly recommended by licensed professionals because of the variety of symptoms that may occur. 

People who already have a history of seizures or have been diagnosed with heart or liver disease are more at risk of developing delirium tremens. If someone is suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, it is crucial that a supervised medical detox is received in a professional facility. This way, medical staff are available 24/7 to care for any emergencies that may arise during this process. Delirium tremens can last anywhere from five to seven days.

Medically-Assisted Detox Programs

When an individual has become physically dependent on alcohol, every organ in their body becomes accustomed to the addictive substance consistently being in their system. So, when alcohol is taken away, the body begins experiencing a sudden “shock,” causing many things to become uncomfortable.

When attempting to ensure a higher success rate while transitioning through the detox process, it is imperative that you have experienced medical professionals who are familiar with precisely what you are experiencing and know how to help you through it.

When someone decides to get the help they need for treating their alcohol addiction; the first step is to remove the substance from their system safely. In most cases, this involves an uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous detox process. Because of the medical complications that can arise from quitting drugs or alcohol, it’s essential to do so under the careful supervision of medical experts.  

A medically-supervised detox program significantly lowers the risk of relapse because the individual suffering from alcohol addiction will not have the option of drinking again during this process to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal.

Detoxing is strongly recommended not to attempt by yourself at home. Withdrawal symptoms do not just affect a person’s body, but they can also alter essential brain functions as well. By trying to detox from alcohol alone at home, you may become incredibly anxious or suffer from delusions that could easily make you become a threat to yourself or others.

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The Duck House is a residential detox facility in Costa Mesa, and we provide alcohol and other drug detoxification treatment in our safe, comfortable, and caring environment that we have created. Our facility offers round-the-clock care specifically designed to treat each of our patients, depending on each of their conditions.

We accept all major insurance providers and would love to address any questions or concerns you may have about yourself or a loved one. Call now and speak to an admissions specialist who can provide all the information that would be needed, while remaining completely 100% confidential.

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