Anaheim Drug Rehab

Anaheim Drug Rehab

Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County

Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County

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Addiction Treatment In Southern California

Among the many many densely populated cities in beautiful Southern California, Anaheim sits with a population of just over 336,000 residents is considered the second largest in all of Orange County. Typically recognized for the famous amusement parks and professional sports stadiums, residents in the city of Anaheim face many of the same problems that are frequently seen throughout Orange County communities.

Anaheim Drug Rehab

Studies have shown that approximately 15.4% of the population across the Los Angeles metropolitan area over the age of 12, which amounts to about 1.6 million people, admitted to participating in some form of drug abuse each year. Of that substantial amount, 892,000 of them met the criteria of having a drug addiction worthy of the need for substance abuse treatment to avoid long-term health problems a substance use disorder. 

Anaheim Drug Rehab

Overdose deaths and other drugs and alcohol caused fatalities have increased by nearly 82% in the United States since the turn of the century.

The evidence-based treatment methods we implement at Duck House alcohol rehab and drug rehab center in Anaheim, California, are equipped and proven to assist in the recovery of many individuals who have found themselves struggling with addiction. 

Our treatment programs are tailored to meet the specific and unique needs or preferences that each client has. Our rehabilitation center in Anaheim most commonly treats patients who had developed addictions to:

  • Prescription opioids
  • Alcohol use disorder
  • Marijuana
  • Synthetic opioids
  • Cocaine

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

Medical advice and studies show that there is not one single treatment method that is guaranteed to be useful for every person receiving treatment for their alcohol or drug addiction. There are, in fact, many aspects that differentiate every patient from one to another. Daily responsibilities, employment, and financial situations are a few examples of the majority of reasons many people choose not to take the time and receive treatment for their addictions.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated that participating in more extended periods of rehab treatment, are more likely to achieve their goal of obtaining a longer term of sobriety. This is why 90-day treatment programs at certified treatment centers like Duck House in Anaheim are actively recommended by industry professionals to ensure long-lasting success during the recovery process and battle with addiction. 

What Are My Options For Drug Rehab Treatment?

Treatment options can vary, and most programs are customizable so that the patient can receive treatment based on the unique needs or circumstances that are being communicated. By ensuring that the patient is actively engaged in every step of the program, success rates remain high, and the most effective changes to the patient’s abuse habits can be achieved. Programs that are typically seen in many drug rehab centers include treatment options for:

Anaheim drug rehab

Drug and Alcohol Detox

The delicate process of detoxification primarily helps individuals to safely withdraw themselves from the drugs until there are no more traces of the unwanted substances that can be found in their system. This is often the initial step that is crucial in the treatment of those suffering from moderate to severe forms of drug or alcohol addiction.

There are some cases when more potent drugs are being abused, and forms of medication-assisted therapy are necessary for the safety of the patient during the detox process. The medications prescribed during this time are designed to taper the doses of the harmful substances until signs are seen that the patient’s body is not physically dependent on them anymore.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab programs offer specific treatment methods that are designed and structured to acknowledge every aspect of the patient’s substance abuse struggles. For those taking part in an inpatient rehab program, they would be on-site at the treatment facility where they can have medical care available around the clock, along with any necessary therapeutic support.

Taking part in the substance-free inpatient rehab programs continues to be seen as the best option for those who are battling chronic addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment can also be addressed during this time, which helps all those who suffer from a mental or other behavioral disorder that co-occurs with their substance abuse.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab is also considered to be an effective treatment option for comprehensive addiction care. Even though many outpatient rehab treatment programs offer similar kinds of therapy and treatment that are often seen with inpatient rehab, outpatient programs allow the patients to live at home during the duration of the program. Because of this, patients are able to maintain their work schedules and also complete other family responsibilities. 

Being able to attend treatment sessions that are usually scheduled throughout the week is the primary requirement of the patient during the outpatient rehab process.

Sober Living

Sober living homes were developed to be a healthy connection between residing at the rehab facility during their inpatient treatment and resorting back to the many responsibilities of everyday life. 

Individuals in recovery sometimes need additional assistance and time to reinforce what was previously learned during the inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Sober living homes and aftercare treatment have proven to be an excellent option for those who want to ensure a long-lasting and robust recovery. 

Sober living homes are also the best opportunity to help maintain and continue to strengthen any newly developed habits that help achieve a healthier lifestyle. All of this is provided to those in the sober living home, all while continuing to live in the safety of an organized environment and comfortable atmosphere.

Support Groups

After completing a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program successfully, it is encouraged for those in recovery to take the initiative and join a support group. Support groups are capable of playing a vital role in helping people to continue on the path in the right direction once treatment has ended. This treatment option allows individuals to build confidence and motivation to maintain their sobriety. Support groups have also seen to be instrumental in the development of new friendships and acquaintances that can always be called upon to offer further help and encouragement.

Anaheim drug rehab
Anaheim Drug Rehab

Addiction Treatment Servces in Anaheim

The Duck House offers treatment programs for those struggling with a drug addiction. Choosing the best course of treatment does not have to be difficult, thanks to our rehabilitation center in Orange County. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment designed to help our patients achieve long-term recovery. Please contact us if you or a loved one is experiencing drug abuse.

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